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Run For Your Life......Literally!!

So I use to laugh when I would watch videos of photographers who would frivolously put their lives in danger for "the shot"! I vowed never to be that dumb, but now I realize that....well sometimes you need to take an extra moment to think. Thank goodness I can joke about it now, but I'll tell you a little story about the photo I titled "Run For Your Life".

I've been wanting to do a light trail photo for quite some time, but never found a good opportunity. The other night I had a great opportunity while near the PA turnpike to do one. Perched on top of it on a very quiet road I could take the long exposure shot (a minute or so in length) with a tripod. So my plan was to have my accomplice sit near the overpass and beep if a vehicle was coming my way so I could nix the photo and run for safety. Not all plans are great because altho I was trying hard to watch for oncoming vehicles I couldn't see them, nor hear the horn beeping due to the traffic on the turnpike. So last minute I see a box truck hurdling my direction!!! Ahhhhh!!! So I grab my camera with tripod attached and run like hellllllll!!! Thus....this photo (which I actually liked) hahah! Thankfully altho I didn't actually make it to the end of the bridge before the truck got there, he did see me and I made it to safety. Life Lesson.....try to be a tad bit safer........maybe :)

*Note...the lights aren't from the turnpike...they are from the box truck coming straight at me hahahah

And here is what I was going for...which I did finally get a decent shot of, but I didn't stick around too long!!!

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