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Seize The Moment!!

As many of you know, my favorite type of photography is wildlife photography. It takes alot of patience and time in the woods/field/wild in order to get the shot you want. Sometimes you never get it, but one thing I've learned is to seize the moment. Some of my favorite shots come from it. What I mean by that is this.... with wildlife you have to sit with them, let them get use to you, sometimes days before you ever are lucky enough to get a shot. Its a dance... lol. But most of the time in waiting you get some of your favorite shots. Example: I've been trying alot of the summer to get close up photos of a blue or white heron. One evening I spent about a half an hour trying to sneak up on one so it didn't hear of see me, when all of a sudden I hear something behind me. Whooooshhhh, a beautiful hawk flys by. In my mind I think "Do I risk the heron seeing me and take photos of this hawk???...Or...Do I forget the hawk and keep on my stalking walk and try to make it to the heron??? Seize the moment!!! Eventually I'll get that heron...but for now I got a pretty awesome pic of a beautiful hawk!!!

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